I just picked up some Joseph Campbell– The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Metaphor as Myth & Religion. I’m intrigued by how and why a people build their mythology, make sense of their world, biologically (why do women experience pain during childbirth? A curse?), in nature (why does the sun rise and how can we make it rain?), and spiritually (Certainly a large man in the sky snapped his fingers and made a little doll he called a man).

Can I create my own mythology, only for me? Is it possible that I can be completely objective (or is it subjective?) in this process, unaffected by learned beliefs/behaviors?

I can make a map of a nonexistent place. But now, does it exist because I made it up? Even if it is not etched out on paper, only a collection of thought in my mind, is it real?

“From the outer world the senses carry images to the mind, which do not become myth, however, until there transformed by fusion with accordant insights, awakened as imaginations fro the inner world of the body.” (Campbell 5)

To interfere with this fusion, to examine my own insights, I suppose this is being objective concerning myself.