A reason to love the Internet. I could actually exchange words with Kiki Smith in the near future.

Live Video chat with artist Kiki Smith Thursday. February 9th. 4 p.m. at Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art.

“I think I chose the body as a subject, not consciously, but because it is the one form that we all share; it’s something that everybody has their own authentic experience with.”

My favorite work of Smith’s today:¬†Constellation

‘Kiki Smith: Constellation’ is a meditation on the infinity of space and our human desire to know and tame it – to make it our own. In this room-sized installation, the artist brings the vast dome of heaven down to earth, where cast glass animals and stars sparkle and glow at our feet. Arranged upon a plane of night-blue Nepal paper, these miniature symbols of distant constellations awaken wonder and remind us of the mystery that compelled ancient astronomers to chart and name them.