I performed a new piece at, Persephone’s Delight, a performance event curated by Justin McKean last weekend. My piece used chocolate cake, vanilla icing, a bucket of mud, a spatula,  my hands and mouth to explore the dichotomous inseparability of our bodies’ sensuality and visceral ingredients.  I hoped to invoke on feelings and thoughts of indulgence and decay, sweetness and disgust, ingesting, sharing, and desire. I created a poetic temporary sculpture that makes my central statement: “I am made of you are made of me”.

From the press

The cycles of life challenge us. They keep us moving. Summer fades to fall. Fall decays to winter. Winters beauty melts away allowing Spring to give the Earth a fresh new start. Youre invited to join Living Arts in welcoming contemporary Oklahoma artists Lindsey Allgood, Tulsa Camerata, Mery McNett, The Drama Department and Portico Dans Theatre to our stage to celebrate the triumph and tragedies of Lifes many seasons.

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