Last Friday night, I held a participatory event entitled touchtastesmellfeel at Mainsite Gallery in Norman, OK. The participants were invited to choose various objects from a table and talk with an attendant about how the object made them feel, and what they made them think of. The objects were sugar, almonds, chocolate, dirt, burnt bark, lavender, velvet, feathers, and others. Then, the patrons went into a quieter room and chose instruments that represented how they felt their objects sounded. We asked, what does chocolate sound like? And a violin was played. What does bark sound like? Choppy notes on an piano. They chose from toy organs, violins, bells, drums, and shakers. The resulting recording sounds I am now working with to prepare music tracks of all the objects’ ‘sounds’, which will be available as a full length sound track from the evening. All patrons are now artists.