cropped-PAE-titel-4Excited to be a part of PAE’s June production titled (NON)-LOCATIONS. Seven performance artists from the Netherlands, the UK, the US will perform their work in various places around the city of Enschede.

I’ll be revisiting a study I conducted in 2011 at FARMWORK, a holistic living/art retreat on rural land outside of Madison, WI at the home of visual artist Doug Rosenberg and choreographer Li-Chiao Ping, both professors at the University of Wisconsin.

I fell in love with a particular tree and spent hours climbing, resting on, and hanging from branches, searching for places and ways to situate my body in order to let my full body weight rest on the tree and not have to hold on to anything. When I found these bodily figurations, it felt like being cradled by a mother as an infant. I trusted and became intimate with the natural environment. I moved slowly in order to intensely feel every tiny movement. This experience was meditative and ended up being a beautiful visual dance that I recorded on video. I will repeat this physical exploration in Enschede, hopefully in a park or other outdoor area. I can’t wait to scout out the spaces!

Find information about the event and the participating artists here.