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Spending time with my performance location today for (NON-)LOCATIONS to take place this weekend in Enschede, the Netherlands. That’s my footprint from the water below the stones…



Playing with making shapes with fabric and my body limbs. I think about how geometric I can make my not-so-very geometric body.Will I utilize the moss floating in the water? It wavers in and through the water like I want to, like the stones do, like the snails and sometimes some ducks.

Submerge, emerge, merge, immerse, submerse, embrace the water, embody the water, the water embodies me, the stones converse with me by touching me, I speak back by responding with a touch, maybe wrap my legs around the stone, roll over the stone, the stone grows as I merge with it.IMG_0448

Interesting thing about my fabric. It functions like duck feathers. Water just rolls right over and off it. It takes forever for water to soak into it and darken the color. But when it does, it blends in with the wet rock. So, I am able to camouflage myself and become part of the rock. More later.