In continuing my thoughts on today’s performance Embody/Embrace to be performed during (NON-)LOCATIONS in conjunction with Performance Art Event (PAE) in Enschede, the Netherlands…IMG_0409

I wanted to find a fluid space; I’m drawn to nature and beautiful patterns and shapes, so the pool with stones and dark water and moss felt natural.

The audience will have the freedom to watch from anywhere, or not watch, pass by and only glance, leave, stay. I am an odd additive, something to ponder, like any other public sculpture; only I am living, breathing, thinking about the space I am in; I am part of the environment.

The dark gray fabric I will wrap myself in is necessary in order for my body to blend in and be camouflaged with the stones and water. I will make the space a moving painting. I will move slow slow slow blindly. I decided not to make the fabric a sewn sack because that would be theatrical, too dance-like, too prepared. I only want to do, not perform. The audience sees me try to connect with the stones and water. Because I am moving so slow, and sometimes I am still, the subtle movements become suspenseful. Like the moss and snails, tiny movements become extraordinary.