Lindsey Allgood


Current Masters Candidate in Studio Art, University of Oklahoma

Current Fine Arts Writing Fellow, Program Assistant and Writing Consultant, University of Oklahoma

BA in Journalism/ Professional Writing, University of Oklahoma; Emphases in Film and Video Studies/ Spanish language, 2009


On Site Performance Development. (NON-)LOCATIONS event coordinated by Performance Art Event (PAE) Ieke Trinks and Nina Boaz. Enschede, the Netherlands, 2013

Summerwork @ The Farm, collaborative art retreat, studio of Douglas         Rosenberg and Li Chiao-Ping; Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin Preservation, WI, 2011

Meredith Monk Vocal Ensemble Workshop, New York, NY, 2010

Creative writing intensive, Univerzita Karlova, Czech Republic, 2008

Cinema and Spanish language Intensive, Universidad de Alcalá, Spain, 2008

Selected Exhibitions


embody/embrace. live performance. (NON-)LOCATIONS event coordinated by Performance Art Event (PAE) Ieke Trinks and Nina Boaz during Twente Biennale in Enschede, the Netherlands

things that belong in wombs. live performance during Performance Production: Complicities, Collusions, and Complexities of Womanhood, Young Makers Platform (YMP). Amsterdam Roust, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Curated by Lieneke Mous

videoCrossing Borders, Emergent Art Space, San Francisco


Flesh, Feeling, performance, Subverticon Deluxe, Living Arts of Tulsa, OK. Curated by Justin McKean

Video Art, SPANE: Screening of Performance Art in the Natural Environment, Artscape at Gibralar Point, Toronto Islands. In conjunction with The Tree Museum. Curated by Johannes Zits

Pictorial Theatre, Mixology: A Life Performance Sampler, OKC, OK

Live performance with Amy Luznicky, Low Lives 4, international online festival. Curated by Jorge Rojas.

Live performance with Lieneke Mous, Biting the Apple, IAO gallery, OKC, OK. Curated by Clint Stone.

Palpitations, performance, Nightingale Theatre, NEW GENRE XIX, Tulsa, OK. Curated by Steve Liggett.

Collaborative performance series, MAINSITE Contemporary Art, Norman, OK


Beneath the Whole, performance, MAINSITE Contemporary Art, OK

Performance for video, Chapman Gallery, Kansas State University, KS

Balanced, physical theatre performance, IAO Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK

Tips, performance and installation, New Genre Festival, Tulsa, OK. Curated by Steve Liggett and the Tulsa Living Arts Performance Committee

Jesus, Lover Of, experimental theatre, Momentum Festival, Oklahoma City, OK. Curated by Clint Stone and Erinn Gavaghan


She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, performance, Momentum, Tulsa, OK. Curated by Shannon Fitzgerald and Sarah Jesse.

Cold Mobile Art, collaborative performance event, Norman, OK


Hanging, installation, New Media Exhibit, Sonder Studio, Norman OK


Out of Place, video and photo exhibit, Dreamer Studio, Norman, OK


Co-Curator, SPANE: Screening of Performance Art in the Natural Environment. Artscape at Gibralar Point, Toronto Islands. In conjunction with The Tree Museum. 2013

Curator, Fission:Fusion (a live performance experience), Living Arts of Tulsa, OK, 2013

Co-curator, Mixology: A Live Performance Sampler, OKC, OK, 2012

Co-curator, Smoke & Mirrors multimedia exhibit, University of Oklahoma, 2010

Co-juror, New Genre Festival, Tulsa, OK, 2010


Dallas Museum of Art Award to Artist Grant, 2011

Performance Workshop director for children and adults, New Arts Camp and New Genre Festival, Living Arts of Tulsa, OK, annual

Viewers’ Choice Performance, Momentum Festival, Oklahoma City, OK, 2010


“Sound Poetry: Transcending “Cerebral Trappings””, Brainstorm Journal: Essays by Students at the University of Oklahoma, Expository Writing Program, Vol. II. 2008