performance at Biting the Apple 2012

IAO gallery, OKC

Images from 2xLP’s recent collaboration at Biting the Apple. We performed a carnivalesque, absurdist theatre piece that explored excess, glamour, and sensuality. We ate a whole rotisserie chicken with our fingers and shared with the audience. We each magically became marionette dolls and took turns manipulating each other’s bodies in provocative and silly poses. Then, a grand finale ensued with a bottle of lotion, a bowl full of gold glitter, a missing corset, and a devoured chicken carcass.

Homage 2012

Collaborator and musician Allie Naifeh and I spent a night playing with John Cage scores, poetry and essays. Here is a 7 minute improvised homage we created. Allie on piano, my voice, (Allie chimed in a few times) and a book of Cage’s writings.

Balanced 2011

This piece was my first experience with improvisational dance/movement. My collaborator and I developed a silent language, pushing and pulling, constantly searching for the moments of equilibrium in which the cord’s tension allowed us to fully relax, rely on each other and hang in space. A narrative developed during the rehearsal process. I tried to connect our cord ends while my partner resisted. This added an interesting relational element to our ‘conversation’.

Evolving Id 2010

Cipher Performance 2011

Little photo from a performance at Cipher, a collaborative exhibit exploring interpretations of hip hop culture hosted by Inclusion in Art and Living Arts of Tulsa.

Visual #14

I had the opportunity to work with Nate Phillips, filmmaker and scriptwriter, on a choreographed dance project. It’s on IMDB! “Two college students, in a flirtatious dance, connect without words, leaving one longing for more.”–Free-sample-of-EgoFest.html?soid=1107258421751&aid=pb4IzsLd9sc.


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