pinBWI will always have an affinity for sewing pins as the perfect material. They hold together and puncture and pierce. They make blankets to comfort, and dresses for dolls, and they make skin bleed. One delicate touch initiates pain or maybe pleasure. The pin initiates connection, while holding things apart; establishes tactile boundaries, while stitching together new bodies.



Developing Series–Organic Material, the Body, and Ephemerality

This semester, I’m focusing on using organic materials to create and pair objects that become poetic images of the feminine, carnality, domesticity, and biological processes. These sculptures are elegies to impermanence of the body. Sometimes sobering, ironic, and maybe a bit creepy, these miniatures aim to remind us that it is our fragility that makes us human and able to feel. Click on the Developing Works on the Dashboard to see more.Allgood9.AppleSeries

Apples, vintage miniature plastic baby.Allgood8.supersculpture

Letters made of hardened sugar and water.


my second curatorial experience

I’m excited to share my second curatorial experience that will take place on February 2nd. Fission:Fusion (a live art experience) asked artists to interpret the terms ‘fission’ and ‘fusion’. What does it mean to experience these processes physically, socially, politically, psychologically?

Artists from around the world will show video works, sound works, and live performance at Living Arts of Tulsa. They are from the Netherlands, Dubai, Berlin, Toronto, San Francisco, and Oklahoma, USA.

info for the show


touchtastesmellfeel: participatory exhibition

Last Friday night, I held a participatory event entitled touchtastesmellfeel at Mainsite Gallery in Norman, OK. The participants were invited to choose various objects from a table and talk with an attendant about how the object made them feel, and what they made them think of. The objects were sugar, almonds, chocolate, dirt, burnt bark, lavender, velvet, feathers, and others. Then, the patrons went into a quieter room and chose instruments that represented how they felt their objects sounded. We asked, what does chocolate sound like? And a violin was played. What does bark sound like? Choppy notes on an piano. They chose from toy organs, violins, bells, drums, and shakers. The resulting recording sounds I am now working with to prepare music tracks of all the objects’ ‘sounds’, which will be available as a full length sound track from the evening. All patrons are now artists.



video screening at Emergent Art Space, San Francisco

My video piece Spinning will screen at Emergent Art Space in San Francisco in June 2013. The preview online exhibition of the chosen pieces published on NOvember 30th. View the works here:

Over 200 entries from 36 countries submitted to the exhibition. My collaborator Amy Luznicky and I are extremely honored to be chosen.


fission:fusion (a live art experience) deadline Dec. 1st


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I’m curating a live art event in February at Tulsa Living Arts and the deadline is quickly approaching to apply…. So far, we’ve heard from artists around the world–the Netherlands, Brazil, Chicago, New York, and right here in Oklahoma.

info from the College Art Association website:

fission:fusion (a live art experience) is a one night exhibition opportunity for artists working in performance, sound, video, and other time-based media

We ask time-based artists to interpret the terms “fission” and “fusion”. While these are scientific words, we encourage artists to think outside the box. What fuses in our lives? What separates? What does it mean to witness or experience these processes physically, socially, psychologically, politically?

Email submissions to:
Or send by snail mail to:
OU School of Art & Art History
Attn: Lindsey Allgood
520 Parrington Oval, Rm 202
Norman, OK 73019

If snail mail, send a DVD with contents in .doc, .docx, Quicktime, high res .jpg format, Youtube or Vimeo links.

Submissions include:
-artist statement/bio
-written proposal of work
-images or video links of proposed work if necessary
-previous links or images of sample works
-SASE for returned submissions

No entry fee!

-Artists Notified: Jan. 1, 2013
-Opening Night: Feb. 2, 2013

For more information, email

Documentation of performance at Persephone’s Delight


I performed a new piece at, Persephone’s Delight, a performance event curated by Justin McKean last weekend. My piece used chocolate cake, vanilla icing, a bucket of mud, a spatula,  my hands and mouth to explore the dichotomous inseparability of our bodies’ sensuality and visceral ingredients.  I hoped to invoke on feelings and thoughts of indulgence and decay, sweetness and disgust, ingesting, sharing, and desire. I created a poetic temporary sculpture that makes my central statement: “I am made of you are made of me”.

From the press

The cycles of life challenge us. They keep us moving. Summer fades to fall. Fall decays to winter. Winters beauty melts away allowing Spring to give the Earth a fresh new start. Youre invited to join Living Arts in welcoming contemporary Oklahoma artists Lindsey Allgood, Tulsa Camerata, Mery McNett, The Drama Department and Portico Dans Theatre to our stage to celebrate the triumph and tragedies of Lifes many seasons.

press coverage from Tulsa World 

Snapshots from–I Made a Wish in the Kitchen

A couple video stills from a new video piece. It’s titled I Made a Wish in the Kitchen and Got Lost in a Series of Thoughts and Didn’t Follow Through.

In light of (or gray of) the coming cold, I took a bit of nature, a dandelion, and essentially hastened its death in a dish of wine. But I had a purpose for this sacrifice.

I made a wish on the dandelion, as you learn to do as a child. But I didn’t trust the cold outside to take the seeds very far. So I went inside. A shell-shaped porcelain dish normally sits on the rim of my bathtub with no purpose. I gave it a purpose by making it an altar. I filled it with wine and laid the fluffy white bristles on the surface. A new kind of wish-making.


While dwelling on my wish, I began to think of traditional symbolism surrounding wine–blood, lust, sweetness, overindulgence, romanticism, a certain rich depth.  Then the dish of wine became a liquid heart. Or another reddish organ in the body soaking up nutrients. Here is where I forgot about my wish. It just slipped away, sucked down deep by the undertow of my consciousness.

You know when you get lost in thought and your sight literally gets blurry? This is where I went. My immediate reaction was to mimic the happening (reproduce, capture, archive, preserve, make tangible so I can physically hold on to the experience, make it live beyond my memory, and share).

So I recreated the event with my camera.

Some theorists may criticize the camera for separating the human from live, haptic, visceral felt experience, screens in front of screens in front of screens desensitizing us. But here I think I have let you see from inside my skull. Through my eyes. Because, in the video, the focus becomes blurry, then clear, in a rhythm, exactly as my eyes and thoughts did. 


The dish still sits on my kitchen sink, the lime green stem dried up and a deep purple stain. The seeds are hard shriveled black dots. Sort of like blood stains on an altar.