From Some Thing to Something and Back Again, 2013


Flesh, Feel 2012

@ Subverticon Deluxe: a live performance experience

For this performance, I tell stories of bodies. I allow internal dialogue to surface, to question what a body is. Do I end at the tip of my finger, at the tip of  my tongue? Does my physical form stretch into space, following my spoken words?  In this pictorial theatre piece, my actions and use of props in the gallery space correspond to a vocal recording.  Together these elements offer a narrative that explores the body’s limits, abilities,and relationship to the psyche. Hints of autobiography are woven through universal experience. Am I made of myth and memory, or am I only the energy between my atoms? Are these atoms even mine?

Habitation 2012

@ Mixology: A Live Performance Sampler

Palpitations 2012

@ NEW GENRE festival 2012

5 minute sampler of a 40 minute performance. Collaboration with musician Allie Naifeh.

Beneath the Whole 2011

This is a 2-minute snippet of a piece I performed twice this year, once at MAINSITE contemporary art gallery in Norman, OK and once at IAO gallery in OKC, OK.

Tips 2011

@ NEW GENRE Festival 2011, Tulsa, OK

I enjoy using sewing materials, thread and needles, for its literal and metaphorical representation of connection, mending, repairing. Like colored-stars lying flat on a white spread of universe, many spools of thread hang on a wall. A needle attached to each thread hangs and I pull the rainbow sinews to the ground, then attach each needle to the callouses in my feet. By walking backwards I unravel the threads and maintain tautness. The spools squeak as they turn on the walls. I join each thread together in a nexus on the floor, creating a rainbow burst. By sewing into my own skin, I become a part of the sculpture as well as the sculptor. I must pay attention to every spool on the wall and respond to every ripple of pressure on the pads of my feet, as each subtle movement is a precarious seam in the process.

Revelations 21 and 22: Arcs/Aches/Arches 2010 (still shots)

Please 2011 (still shot)

This piece took place in a forest area outside Madison, Wisconsin this summer when I attended a retreat/workshop at The Farm. While spending time alone, I wondered if I could push my body into the center and clasp my hands around the trunk. It became a sort of exploratory interaction between my limbs and the tree’s. I did succeed after seven minutes with a few scratches and many broken branches later.

You’re Strings Attached

This was an early performance piece from 2009. I wrapped myself in red thread, binding my feet and hands while a pair of scissors lay on the floor, offered for the audience to use. No one touched the scissors for a while until a little girl came up and cut the strings to free my hands. I could feel the audience’s hesitant wanting to reach for the scissors, and find it interesting that only a small child was brave enough, or un self-conscious enough, to join in the performance.

She Doesn’t Live Here Anyore2010

@ Momentum Tulsa

Refuse (Release)2011

Unminding 2010

Guerrilla performance evening with a film class under Professor Bernard Roddy 2010

Turtle Pose

In Judo, the turtle position is a defensive stance that can provide rest and near impenetrable protection. My back and the thick muscles beneath my skin, though bare flesh and scratchable, becomes a shell-shield. I grab the grass and dirt, pressing my knees and elbows and forehead into the ground. The closer I can mesh into the earth, the less I have to try to protect myself from being turned over, and exposing my vulnerable side. For 15 minutes, I was a rock.


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