Small Meetings, Mergings, and Metamorphoses 2013


Untitled 2013


I Made a Wish in the Kitchen and Got Lost in a Series of Thoughts and Didn’t Follow Through 2012

The Benefit or Consequence of Lacking Friction 2012

(extension of Habitation performance)

Bound to Remember 2011

Intervene 2011

Touch 2011

Untitled 2011

Memento 2011-2012

Work in progress. I hung this apple in a tree by a piece of thread and a fish hook late August 2011. The apple still hangs in the tree. I update the sister video every so often to affirm the fruit body’s and the text’s changing form and symbolism.

The apple as of October 2011

Leave it Alone, Let it Heal on its Own 2011

Callm 2009

My voice on vocals

Fruitful Futile 2011

How She Separates Herself 2010

Bail 2010